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Increase your motivation and improve your life quality by switching negative thoughts to positive. Rethink challenges, think opportunities. Rethink problems, think solutions.

We understand that the energy of human mind is thought.  To get the very best out of life, all we need to do is rethink our mindset and tweak our outlook.

Understand how your mind really works and learn how to:
•    Regain control over negativity
•    Think positively
•    Develop positive self-awareness
•    Explore principles that sustain positive living

Manoj Dayalji as well as being a cool and calm experienced meditation and self development trainer, is a dynamic entrepreneur and business Owner of Oriss T-shirt Printing and Embroidery. He is a committed member of the steering team of our meditation branch in Bradford. Manoj has been leading Positive Thinking seminars for a number of years and his practical, personal, down to earth approach make him a popular teacher.

ADVANCE BOOKING REQUIRED | Stand alone seminar | Age 18 and over


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