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Inner Space is an initiative that provides a reflective and calm environment, right in the heart of the city. Urban life in particular can be stressful and if you're looking for a break from your busy schedules, the Inner Space centres offer a supportive, inspiring environment to find peace and tranquility - just a few steps away! Accessible for local communities and businesses.

We offer a range of talks, courses, workshops, tips & tools to help you detach from daily pressures and learn a more positive approach to life.

We also have a very special 'Quiet Room' - a peaceful oasis available for you to drop-in to...sit back in comfy chairs, take time out, recover and refresh your energy, with relaxing music in the background or just quiet if you prefer.

Manchester Inner Space is just one in a chain across the UK. As a service to the community, Inner Space charges no fees for any of its activities. It is funded by voluntary contributions run to be an extensive network of experienced presenters who have volunteered their time and resources to make a difference.

Inner Space and Brahma Kumaris

Inner Space is the Information Centre for the Brahma Kumaris. The Inner Spaces have been at the forefront of the Brahma Kumaris' vision of bringing personal insights and calm to the heart of the city, making it accessible for local communities and businesses.

About Brahma Kumaris

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