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About Inner Space

In a world of increasing uncertainty, growing noise, information overload, in a world where more and more is demanded of us....there is a growing need for spaces where individuals can go to quiet the mind.

The Team

Inner Space is run completely by volunteers but, they are not just volunteers. They are volunteers with a difference.

Cost free

Amazing but true... All our courses, workshops, talks & events, are offered free, not just in Manchester but in all our centres both across the UK & Worldwide.


Each Inner Space is thoughtfully designed to create a feeling of stillness as well as warmth. We have a range of simple, uncluttered spaces that are nice to just 'be' in.The most popular of these are 'The Quiet Room' and the resource section which has a range of books, CDs and DVDs.

Find out what other facilities you can use...

Opening Times

Although we are 'officially' open Monday to Saturday 8.00am to 6.00pm, we have staff on site more or less 24 x 7 so it may be possible for us to open outside of our ‘usual’ hours.

Inner Space Location

Inner Space is really well located and easy to get to.

Parking near Inner Space

As Inner Space is right in the heart of the city there is both street parking immediately outside the centre as well as a number of car parks.