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The Team

Secret Ingredient

All those who help at Inner Space have an understanding that when I am quiet and still inside then the atmosphere immediately around me also becomes calm. With this in mind, the handpicked team caring for Inner Space make a deliberate effort to create a place of safety and serenity. They are committed to upholding and sustaining  a pure spiritual atmosphere. This is the secret of the centre's success.

Passion for Peace

Our volunteers come from both Manchester and around the UK - all of them with a passion to make our world a more peaceful place, starting with themselves! We work together throughout the year to cook up new ideas and listen to your suggestions for improvements. Working with a team of remarkable people, brimming with ideas and positive energy is an amazing experience for all of us.

Practical Presenters

Those who present our courses and events are part of an extensive international network of trained teachers and experienced meditators.  They come from a wide range of backgrounds and professions including education, health, business, and finance and what's more -  they are all committed to a spiritual lifestyle and so speak from first hand experience.





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