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Online talk : It’s not Fair! Dealing with Injustice

When I see or experience what I believe to be unjust or unfair, it’s easy to start criticising and condemning. But is blaming useful? Does it help anyone? Does it help me? Whilst acknowledging what I see, how can I look beyond my perspective even beyond what I understand to be ‘wrong’ to see a bigger picture and keep my mind calm and clear?

Sister Antonella Ferrari studied Oriental Language and Culture both in Italy (Milan) and Japan where in 1988 she came across the teachings of the Brahma Kumaris. She established and ran a successful fashion business in Sardinia before getting fully involved in studying and teaching spirituality and values. Instrumental in opening BK centres in Milan, Olbia and Bologna, she has been the main organizer of four international forums of Spirituality and Arts in Sardinia. Antonella has written 3 books on spirituality and recorded many meditation commentaries. Currently based in Bologna, she runs daily programs online on a variety of topics and helps coordinate BK activities across Italy.

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