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Online Talk : Defrost Your Heart

Do you sometimes feel that you are empty inside – that have no more energy to give? That all the warmth and lightness in your heart has been lost? 

Raja Yoga meditation can help replenish the love and joy so easily lost in the course of a day.

Rediscovering my higher self and tapping into the energy of the Divine can be truly transformative.  It is the method to experience unconditional energy of pure love, peace and joy, without judgement or discrimination.  Opening my mind and heart to the Divine allows me to deepen my self-belief, to feel supported in my journey, and to heal and recharge. I experience a pure acceptance of who I am, the way we are and any coldness or harshness in my heart naturally melts away.    

Rachel Priestman has been practising Raja Yoga meditation for 15 years and is amazed by the changes it is helping her to make in her life, which is now more peaceful and purposeful - and infinitely more enjoyable. She is particularly grateful for the understanding and inner strength it has given her in supporting friends and family members in poor health. Her work interests included research librarianship, PR, marketing, events and festivals, urban regeneration and arts management. She is now a full-time volunteer at Global Co-operation House, the Brahma Kumaris' national coordinating office in London, focusing on public engagement activities.


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