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Workshop : Six Habits for Harmonious Relationships

When there is disharmony in a relationship it will only end when something changes. How and when do I know what needs to change – the situation, them or me?

Waiting for others or the situation to change works sometimes, but it can take a very long time.  A change in my attitude or response to the situation can offer both instant relief from relationship pressures and may bring about lasting harmony.  So how does that work?

Jackie Hodson shares six things you can do today to make your relationships more harmonious.

A student and teacher of Raja Yoga meditation for 25 years, Jackie has had a lifelong interest in learning as well as being committed to helping others learn. Professionally, she has worked as a teacher, an education manager, a school governor trainer and a project manager for the development of national qualifications. For many years Jackie co-ordinated Brahma Kumaris' activities in Luton.  She is now based in Worthing where she is a regular volunteer at the Brahma Kumaris’ Lighthouse Retreat Centre.


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