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COVID-19: Activities Update

In the light of government guidelines and to protect the wellbeing of both our visitors and our volunteers, we are cancelling all public events, retreats, courses and programmes for the next three weeks in all our centres in the UK.
This will take effect from 10.00pm on Wednesday 18th March.
We are hoping to offer some of our scheduled events online. We will keep you informed about this through the Inner Space website and our mailing list. If you are not on our mailing list you might like to subscribe on our website: (Scroll down to the bottom of the page.)
In the meantime, please do continue to take time for meditation and quiet reflection.  The world needs your calm, compassionate mind and warm open heart more than ever at present.  
The Inner Space volunteers will be having special meditation to send thoughts of spiritual love, light, peace and courage to the world every day for the next 3 weeks from 7.30am to 8.00am, and 7.00pm to 8.00pm. Join us wherever you are for as long as you can manage.  Every thought makes a difference!
Take good care of yourself and thank you for your continued support.   

Manchester Inner Space Team

Learning how to accept our past can be quite a challenge. Even for the happiest person on earth, there will always be something in life that can trigger feelings of shame or blame.
So, where do these feelings of shame and blame come from, and why do we carry them?
How can I embrace any imperfection I see in myself or others without triggering these heavy feelings? 
Rachel Priestman shares the method to acknowledge things in our past without allowing them to affect the present.  
Rachel has been practising Raja Yoga meditation for 15 years and is amazed by the changes it is helping her to make in her life, which is now more peaceful and purposeful - and infinitely more enjoyable. She is particularly grateful for the understanding and inner strength it has given her in supporting friends and family members in poor health. Her work interests included research librarianship, PR, marketing, events and festivals, urban regeneration and arts management. She is now a full-time volunteer at Global Co-operation House, the Brahma Kumaris national coordinating office in London, focusing on public engagement activities.


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