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Every 3rd Sunday 6:15pm – 7:30pm Join over 1 million people in over 100 countries to  share thoughts of peace and calm with our troubled world. Everyone  is welcome, whether you know how to meditate or not, no matter what your background or beliefs might be … every thought for peace helps.

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The building that houses Inner Space dates back to 1896 and English Heritage have recorded it as one Manchester's Grade II listed buildings. It is described in references as The Old Schoolhouse". This elegant and stately frontage has a carving above the door that not only shows the date but also the letter "V" above it, perhaps referring to Victoria. It is a well-executed building incorporating a high level of attention to detail and good architectural features, including moulded architraves, shaped gables, a pedimented doorway and large Venetian-style windows.

From 1999 till 2004 the building served as head office to the Rechabite Friendly Society, who had orginated in 1835 when a small group of men, seeing the poor social conditions of the day decided to set up a friendly society, to support members at times of sickness or death. The group, seeing the negative influence of alcohol were committed to total abstinence from alcohol, and the society members were also required to be non-drinkers. More than an alcohol-free friendly society, its' members shared a common vision of a better way to live and a truly mutual society.

We love organising courses, lectures, seminars and workshop programs throughout the year, bringing you a quality of thinking that gives an edge; ideas that open new doors; insights that simply help make sense of it all. Our guest speakers come from across the world to share their experiences, insights and lessons that they have learned on their own spiritual quest.

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All our events are free.

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  • Updates on any special (and sometimes unexpected) special events
  • Occasionally a reminder when a new course is about to begin

Our spacious reception has an area you can quickly grab information about what we do and what's on. Alternatively you can spend a little longer and chat to whoever is on duty – they’ll be happy to answer your questions or call a team member to explain more. There’s always someone at hand.

We also have a display of some our main teaching materials - books, CD’s and posters. Easy to understand, affordable and beautifully presented, these products promote deep relaxation for beginners as well as more advanced content for experienced meditators. Positive thinking, meditation and values are the focus of these products, which are available for sale online at Topics include: meditation, personal growth, coping with stress, the meditation-health relationship and spiritual gifts.

Inner Space is the Information Centre for the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University (BKWSU). BKWSU, which has over 40 local teaching centres across the UK and more than 8,500 centres located in 110 countries, teaches Raja Yoga Meditation as a way of experiencing peace of mind and a positive approach to life. On this page you will find a selection of links to tips, tools & resources, from our many centres around the world to help develop inner calm, clear thinking and personal well-being.


Raja Yoga TV is a web based television programme bringing deep spiritual concepts to life in everyday situations.
Thought for Today Daily thoughts to inspire and boost your mental strength
On-line Bookshop Browse for inspirational books, music, posters, gifts and more…
Blog: Lets Get Spiritual Practical insights on relaxation and relationships. Taken from Inner Space – Covent Garden’s talk series.
Blog: Spirituality in Action By Ken O'Donnell. A more sensitive approach to troubled times. Making spirituality a real part of our everyday work & lives.
Blog: Anthony Strano Blog page of Anthony Strano, spiritual teacher, author and public speaker on the Huffington Post website
Talk Show: Awakening A TV talk shows that has helped people overcome mental stress, depression, addictions, low self-esteem & unhappy relationships
Talk Show: Release your Wings Snippets from a televised program designed to spiritually uplift, nourish and enlighten those who would rather soar than survive.
Audio Talks Download & be inspired by recent personal development talks at the Global Retreat Centre.


On-line Meditation Course A free 7 lesson course in Meditation suitable for anyone wanting to try meditation for the first time and also for regular meditators
Meditation Music Radio Eyesee is a streaming music player of soft meditation music by Matthew Stephenson, a musician and resident of the Global Retreat Centre, Oxford, UK.
Guided Meditations: Just a Minute Relax in just 1 minute. Guided Meditations, easy tools and tested tips to support the practice of taking one-minute meditation breaks during the day
Guided Meditations: Meditation Lounge Get calm and go positive. Audio meditations to uplift your mood anytime, anywhere.

Daily Life

Vegetarian Cooking – Yum Yum Yogi Learn to cook with love by watching these 5 minute cooking demonstrations | delicious & easy to make recipes | Learn how to meditate while cooking.
Cyber Yogi Feel like your battery is low and your hardrive overloaded ? Try these office exercises. Put headset on if you don’t want to wake up your colleagues…
Mobile App : Mind Traffic Control Free meditation music app providing on the hour musical reminders to bring the 'traffic' of busy thoughts to a halt allowing you to relax and refresh
Mobile App : Meditation Lounge (IITunes & IPhone) Audio meditations | Armchair wisdom videos | Thought for the day | Anywhere, Anytime – get calm and go positive
Mobile App : Meditation Lounge (Android) Audio meditations | Armchair wisdom videos | Thought for the day | Anywhere, Anytime – get calm and go positive
The A-Z Challenge Change just ONE habit a week.
Shift negative habits alphabetically.
Choose to be calm An initiative providing support to individuals, communities and organisations of all kinds in finding new ways of responding to the challenges of life
Pause-Think-Act Challenge Set goals for your personal development and improve yourself at work, home and in your relationships.