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Free to Forgive

Dec 8, 2009 11:45:24 AM

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zeenat, 2010-04-12 16:20:29
The truly healing power of forgiving and being loved by the Creator is amazing. It unleasehes the power of living in the light. Thank you.
Ahamed, 2010-03-31 04:06:40
Excellent message with soothing music, video and voice. Felt strong vibration in heart chakra with a kind of flying experience.

Love the commentary and every part of it. Commendable work, need more videos like this.

Also, like to suggest to add a sharing option to networking sites (Eg: Facebook, etc) or link to this, so we can forward message to others.

Thank You
Sandeep Gill, 2010-02-21 22:28:42
Hey Om Shanti,
Itz awesome,meaninful and relaxing.

Isabel Baeza, 2010-02-19 02:53:42
Beautiful and very inspiring ,great meditation and excellent topiv