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The Seven Steps to Peace, Just a Minute

Feb 18, 2010 6:37:50 PM

Instant Meditation for Busy People

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Tamer, 2011-12-31 02:56:31
Thank you.
pieter, 2010-12-22 23:23:39
om shanti thanks to petra from brahma kumaris in the netherlands. She introduced me to new way of thinking. This feels good.
sri, 2010-11-10 21:37:10
This is an excellent video explaining the 7 steps to peace in a minute each. Learning to relax, focus and re-energize with these meditations would definitely help. Thank you
Roxanne, 2010-09-30 14:39:45
This ie very helpful for me especially during the course of my stressful work days.
Liane, 2010-08-07 20:08:19
Gosh, I love this. Thank you. And thank you to Dwina Murphy-Gibb for mentioning in an article that she's a follower of the Brahma Kumaris movement which led me to this site. :)