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Why Meditation?

There are a whole heap of reasons why learning how to meditate should go on your to-do list (somewhere near the top, probably). The benefits can impact so many areas of our physical and mental well-being – from calm and clarity to health, habits and even our relationships… the list is endless. Over time meditation can even change the structure of the brain to help us cope rather better with life.


What type of meditation do you teach at Inner Space?

At Inner Space we teach Raja Yoga, a ancient open-eyed technique that can be used by anyone, anywhere. It's simple and enjoyable to practice, taught in a light, informal way showing you how to gently direct your mind to a place of peace within and carry calm wherever you go. You may be relieved to know that there are no hard mats, difficult positions or exotic chants to learn. Courses are taught by trained teachers in a comfortable setting. It’s a skill you can use any time, anywhere - whilst you commute or at your desk, as well as at home. By doing a little every day, it soon becomes a natural and easy habit. We offer a variety of meditations for those with and without previous experience.


See which of our meditation programmes suits your lifestyle best :

 One Minute Meditations

1 minute

Introductory Meditation Course

1 session a week (1hr 15 mins) for 4 weeks

World Meditation

60 mins stand alone session

 Lunch Time Refreshers

10 - 20 minutes

Advanced Meditation Course

Quiet Room

For as long or as little as you like !