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Forthcoming Events

Talk :::  Strategies For Stress Free Relationships


Explore the roots of stress in your relationships and methods to feel better about people you struggle with..

Workshop ::: Deeper into Soul Consciousness


An experiential workshop for those who have attended a Raja Yoga meditation course

Course ::: Positive Thinking


Explore the power and influence of your thoughts on your life. Make your thoughts positive and anything is possible!

Course ::: Introductory Meditation Course


Learn to meditate. Discover a place of peace within, that you can carry with you throughout the day.

Quiet Room

quiet room

Pop into our Quiet Room, an oasis of calm, where you can chill-out or simply meditate.

Thought of the Day

Thought for today

True to the Best

Real honesty means being true to the best that is within you. This is more honest than simply speaking your mind.